Review of the course, Peter Szabo  - The Source Hacker;

If you’ve reached the advertising of the course by Peter Szabo it’s a sign your life is not fully the life you desired, there’s something unnecessary or\and something is missing.

My name is Shlomit and my life were also missing something, there was a part unnecessary and a part was lacking,

Often the missing part took shape as financial difficulty, and the unnecessary was bad relationships within the household. I didn’t know how to “fix” that the way I wanted…

So I searched...

I’m more than 50 years old and most of my life were occupied in the search for these things that are so important to me.

While trying various courses and books which I thought would help, I can say that everything was interesting, little was the aid I was looking for or gave me the change I was seeking.


I must go ahead and say that in my opinion - 

One of the important topics, for anyone who is unsatisfied in whichever part of their life,is that there is an underlined problem, that is - not self loving and not accepting themselves as they are. 

Therefore, the foremost important treatment is to firstly learn to love yourself, unconditionally!

Once you succeed, it’ll be possible to move to the next topic, be it money, relationships, or\and success in any other subject.

In accordance with the previously mentioned self love; my daughter told me about an ad for a webinar and full course of Peter Szabo - The Source Hacker, and I decided to check what it is about…

 - It is not about making money, but it can help you get there!!

In the webinar -

Peter Szabo is trying to explain why it’s imperative to take the course to be able to make a change in your life. 

Peter Szabo is a very pleasant person that speaks in a calm way and tells about his, short and full of upheavals, life experience.

I think It’s a bit unclear, in the webinar, what the course is about until the actual course - so let me clarify this - First of all I am sure It will benefit Significantly anyone who will take it.  

By sticking to its content, it’ll be beneficial for the so most needed prerequisite, self love and acceptance.

An outstanding aspect of the course is - to address the obstacles that reside in the subconscious that impede your way to a better life - accepting yourself and subsequently loving yourself.

When you get there - you’ll know you have started the way to a better life, the one you have always dreamed of.


This course (as anything worthwhile in life) costs money,

But Peter ensures that if you’ve completed it step by step and couldn’t achieve the needed or wanted outcome through the course, he’ll reimburse you. In my eyes he seems like a decent man that will keep his words.

The price for the course isn’t outrages for the content it delivers, again - in my opinion.


If you’re interested in the free webinar, this is a link to it:


But, if you’ve already heard it and want to get to the course,

This is a link to the course - The Source Hacker:


In conjunction to it,

A year ago I found an audio library of subliminal messages that helps address the problems through the subconscious. 

Two thing that are imperative to know in regard to the audio -

First is that you’ll need to listen to their music as many hours a day for a prolonged time,

and the Second is that at the initial use of the music, it can induce headaches or\and bad moods, but not for a long time.

After a month of diligently listening to the music, of the appropriate subject that needed to be changed, the consequence that I desired my whole life were taking place. 

It gave me the feeling that the possibility for a change in life is reachable!

I understood that the change could only come through our subconscious and that if the problem is in the family - the whole group is needed to listen to the subconscious messages (the music).

In my opinion, the family change was worthwhile.


My recommendation:

I think it’s beneficial to use the aforementioned audio subconscious messages hend by hend with the course - The Source Hacker.

I found as a good source for that matter .


In any case, for a better life it’s worth the investment.


Good luck, Shlomit.


The Source Hacker

of My Problems